Pee-Pee Teepees Print
Written by Lisa M Eng   
Sunday, 26 June 2011 20:56

So, I’ve heard that little boys tend to “wee-wee” anytime, anywhere.  Therefore, the pee-pee teepee was invented.  My friends with little boys say they work great, so I was sold on trying them out on my little guy…when he arrives in T minus 7 weeks (yey!).  However, they are a little pricey and I’m a DIY kinda gal.  I like the motto, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”.  I believe anyone can do something if they put their mind to it.  So, I set out to make my own and let me tell you…it’s SUPER easy to make these little puppies!  With the money I saved, I’m sure I can afford to send Allison to at least one class at a local community college Wink  Here’s a pic at what the little teepees look like:


Pretty self-explanatory, I think Laughing

 Oh ya, and we're like 75% done with the baby's room.  Hope to have pics of that by next weekend (no promises tho).